R. Avery Burton

His career includes many diverse titles, including professional journalist, NFL Public Relations Alumni, Casino industry communications executive, business owner, entrepreneur, non-profit board member and now the newest title, Author.

His book, titled “This is Depression”, is a personal story after losing his son to depression and suicide. Determined to use grief as a powerful tool for change and removing the stigma associated with mental health, Reggie decided to write the book to honor his son, Avery Burton after he suffered a major depressive episode in 2017. In the process of healing, he rediscovered his passion for story telling and helping others find their voice.

Dad opens up about losing a child to depression and suicide, reveals his spiritual source of healing and offers hope for those impacted by mental health illnesses.

A young man enters college, a three-sport athlete in high school full of hope and dreams. For four years he dedicated himself to school, dedicates himself to school, develops a close-knit group of friends and transforms his mind and body.

He becomes a lifeguard at the school recreation center and certified physical trainer. He embraced his role as big brother to his two younger siblings and leads family hiking and camping trips.

He graduates with honors and has his sights set on graduate school and a doctoral degree in physical therapy. Then he discovers his body and brain are failing him. Stress turns into depression leading to suicidal thoughts. Two months after graduation he takes his life.

Family, friends and peers are left with one question: Why?

In “This is Depression”, R. Avery Burton adds his voice to the conversation about one of the most pressing health issues of our time: mental health and depression. 1 in 4 college students suffers from depression.

His book answers the question on everyone’s mind in ways that you may not expect – and not found in grief counselor guide.

It comes with the help of his deceased son and a high school classmate who delivers a message from the spiritual realm.

Armed with forgiveness and peace, he transforms healing into something greater: hope and the ability to help save lives.

Based on a true story, A Las Vegas parent shares uplifting story of healing and surviving the impact of depression and suicide on his family.

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